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Poem For My Pastor

This is a Poem I wrote for my Pastor and his wifes 50th Wedding anniversary. They call me their granddaughter:)

BTW I haven’t written poetry in 15 years or more. God is helping me get back in it. There will be more to come:)

50th Time’s a Blessing

By: Lynn “granddaughter” Rountree

October 21st 2011

I’ll start out, tellin’ this here journey

Bout bustin ma’ gut and needin a gurney!

For when Gene said “Well, will ya?”

Connie’s answer? Hehehe It’ll kill ya!!

She said “I guess so”

Then he said

Just so ya know, I been called ter preach, But T’ain’t ready ter go!”

She rightly agreed to the man she loved

This here union was a gift from above

And… fer some years she was quiet as a mouse

Til’ one fine day…

She done left the house!!

She WAS GONE!! Kids N all!

The Pastor was scared!! Bout’ ready ta Bawl!!

Done thought it was the rapture…He’d been left behind!

He then said “God NOW I’m ready!”

God said “Good! By the way Gene, They’re fine!” *Grin*

Well, years go by & children are had

Churches get built, debt free, no guilt!

Through troubles and trials and all sorts of stuff

They clung to each other, even though it was tough

They give up THEIR “dreams”

To run toward the “prize”

With Faith in their hearts and

Love in their eyes!

Now the Lord has blessed US with these!

Two FINE people to roll up their sleeves

The love they have, for us, and one another

Reminds me of the One, who sticks closer than a brother!!


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