Holy Spirit Hog

An Expression of Who I am in Him!

Seriously Shallow!


As I was sitting here thinking about “things”

Like, phone Excess-or-ries! :/   and earrings…

Like, new clothes and things that make “ME” shine

I was thinking “WOW Lynn, Way to be all about MINE MINE MINE!!!”


The things that I ponder in a day..

Are not  AT ALL like I should in “The Way”


I read “Justathought” this morning, on my screen

I get the e-mail, for that sort of thing….


And it got me thinking, do I love Comfort, Convenience & Complacency?

More than I love the Spirit-&-what-His-eyes-see?


My friend, the answer is YES!!

I’d rather be running in place than at His feet at rest!


Even this blog that I’m writing to you now..

Is just an attempt at acceptance somehow!


Oh MY LORD!! What a wretched human am I

The things that I do, are making me DIE!


My back is aching, my spirit is dry

I whine and complain, daily about “my, My, MY!”


I spin my wheels about all I DON’T do

Self condemnation, and grIping about you! (no not Him, YOU!! )

How shallow , how shallow

Can I be???

LORD rescue, RESCUE… ME from ME!!!

I praise You my Lord, that even this mess…

Somehow You will work it all out, for my Best!

I know You will win, in all my hokus pokus

Lord Help Me Renew!

cross in  the eeye

Renew my Focus!

It’s not about me and all that I crave!

It’s ALL about You, And WHO You gave!

Jesus heart


2 responses to “Seriously Shallow!

  1. justathoughtgwl August 3, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    Beautiful! Thanks for sending me the link. Good stuff. If you don’t mind, I am going to share the link on my Facebook page. Take care.

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