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God, my God

God , my God
I feel you in the depths of my soul
I know You have me and
You’ll NEVER let go!

God, my God
When you hold me near and I consider your ways…
My spirit sours like an eagle..
Even on the rainiest of days

God, my God
my Father…
my Friend…
That sweet sweet Holy Spirit consuming me like a fire from within!

God , my God
It’s You I cannot live without
I need you my Lord to extinguish all doubt!

God , my God
My thirsty soul awaits..
For Your Presence to fill and FLOOD my gates!

You are my God
my Life and my Love
Thank you my God
For Your blessing from above!




Even on your cloudiest days… When night draws near… God will find ways… To show you He is near..Look for the Light!

Whaaatttt Do YOU choose? Are you scared? ;)

Seriously Shallow!


As I was sitting here thinking about “things”

Like, phone Excess-or-ries! :/   and earrings…

Like, new clothes and things that make “ME” shine

I was thinking “WOW Lynn, Way to be all about MINE MINE MINE!!!”


The things that I ponder in a day..

Are not  AT ALL like I should in “The Way”


I read “Justathought” this morning, on my screen

I get the e-mail, for that sort of thing….


And it got me thinking, do I love Comfort, Convenience & Complacency?

More than I love the Spirit-&-what-His-eyes-see?


My friend, the answer is YES!!

I’d rather be running in place than at His feet at rest!


Even this blog that I’m writing to you now..

Is just an attempt at acceptance somehow!


Oh MY LORD!! What a wretched human am I

The things that I do, are making me DIE!


My back is aching, my spirit is dry

I whine and complain, daily about “my, My, MY!”


I spin my wheels about all I DON’T do

Self condemnation, and grIping about you! (no not Him, YOU!! )

How shallow , how shallow

Can I be???

LORD rescue, RESCUE… ME from ME!!!

I praise You my Lord, that even this mess…

Somehow You will work it all out, for my Best!

I know You will win, in all my hokus pokus

Lord Help Me Renew!

cross in  the eeye

Renew my Focus!

It’s not about me and all that I crave!

It’s ALL about You, And WHO You gave!

Jesus heart

Just Wanna Praise You!

                                                                                         Puppy Baby

So many times, The poems I pen

Are to talk of the times, I felt sorry for Lynn

So many times, when I pray in Your Name

It’s so I can ask , for personal fame!

Well , this time my Lord, To You as I write…

I just want to PRAISE YOU with all of my might!

Thank You,  Dear Creator

For the things that I see..

Like puppies and babies, and the  busy bumbling bee!

For mountains, for meadows, for the salty Ocean Sea!

For the tickling in my nose , just before  a SNEEZE!

Thank you for the smells


  Fresh cut grass…. leather …..(thinking)….&  fresh cut wood!

Fresh hay,  Fresh Berries,  Even the skunk , if I could ….

Lord, thank so much,

For Tree’s so BIG AND TALL!!

Thank you for Plants, Lord, I love them ALL!

Especially, the succulents, I like to feel and touch

I love your creation, I love it so much!

But more than these things,

I PRAISE You for One..

Who was here , even before, time had begun

You know Him quite well,

He is my Husband, and Brother

He is THE One,  for me , there is no other!

He is Your Son

Jesus Christ is His Name!



For once, I was stricken down in my sin..

All alone in this world, All dead within!

But now as I walk in the Light of the Word

I am never forsaken, I am forever heard!

Child Praise

What God Did For me!!!

God’s Original Masterpiece–The skit guys

Meth Addict No More!!

Old Me

This is a picture of Lynn

In Two-Thousand and Seven

Not Two Thousand and Ten

When you look at this picture…..

What do YOU see?

I bet you see her…You don’t see me!

Skinny lil girl, with meth on her mind?

I see Pain, I see Lies, I see the corrosion of time!

I see “You’re not good enough to be your kids mother”

I see “Shut up Lynn, why can’t you be like your  brother?”

I see ” Why don’t you love me, man number 50″!

I see ” FIX ME FIX ME man number 60!”

I see a lil girl, looking for her Messiah!


I started out, so loving and sweet,

Lack of true love, kicked me off of my feet

Needles and Needles, and Men


Satan looks tasty when your ready to die!

I did die, that day and every other

Til one day, My daughter was my mother!

Mommy mommy, To church let us go!

Guilty, guilty…so I’ll go with the flow

My dear sweet Savior, I found that Day



He took the pain AWAY!!

Now Here I am, Weighing a Hundred pounds GALORE



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