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Oh sweet Jenea!
I tried to find the words today, to express what’s in my heart
But elude me fast , the right words did, but I guess this is a start.
You shine and glow and gush for Christ, You truly are a sign
And written over every action, are the words of God “She’s mine”
I’m overwhelmed with love for you, and delight & awe & mirth!
If I tried to compare you to a thing, I suppose you’d be a hearth!
A place where sparks are placed, til burning embers glow
Where Oxygen and warmth and light, from thee can freely flow!
Where plain dead wood can come to life, where life before did flee
But now ablaze with God’s great Fire, Emits eter-nity!
In the home, within my heart, you do adoringly lie…
You shine with so much WONDROUS love, you nearly blind my eye!
Of course, of course, you know I jest, but truth is present still
That Love, and Light and merriment, within you is inbuilt!!!


The Bride

I found something out today…

After 6 years in Christ, I’m finally saved!


I thought that happened at Re-Birth

Well, it does and it doesn’t if you continue to WORK


See, all the while Christ died to set me free

He died to save you from you and me from me..


The dirty,filthy as rags ,inherited SIN we have inside

The things we all wanted to do, hide or NOT hide

When you accept Christ..that’s it..SIN DIED!

So if God is so Awesome, and Christ is our Groom

Why do we continue to work to be good?

We sweep up our mess ourselves…with a broken BROOM


Wandering along , asking..WHAT SHOULD I DO??!!

Leave it alone…He died for YOU

Yeah yeah, but what’s my TASK?

To let God love you, and DROP the mask!!

Ok , Ok, but whats my part??

Just receive your forgiveness and pass on the cart..(to another)

For now, My God  is my brother…

I am no longer an orphan, no longer a whore



So quit striving and huffin’ and puffin’ to be good

Enjoy the Honeymoon…as any Bride should:)



Bride Of Christ Metal Prints – Hope of Glory Metal Print by Dolores DeVelde
Taken From http://www.fineartamerica.com

Thanks God!:)




Facilitated Faucet





So After my quiet time

in the morning

with the Lord



I was praying for girly friends


Who would help THIS  key

become a Chord!


Then all a’sudden


What pop’s in my head?

“Give Gayla THAT book”

The one you never read! ”


So I call up this lady

Who saw that Jesus was my Light…


And she says to me

“Lynn, Bible  Study , Next Tuesday night!”


So I’m all gushy inside

An a Lil nervous , it’s true


But when  I got there

I saw a GHOST

A Holy One too!


Then I met some ladies

Ones to swell my heart


The ones who never say

A bad word, (Such as Fart)


I want to encourage,

the reader at this point

God Answers prayer!

After obedience comes anoint!


Listen to the Lord, and wait for His timing

One day you could return a book


And have YOU a reason for Rhyming 🙂











 As I watch the leaves, dancing on the limbs…

I’m reminded of , Your Face
The Life You gave
& day to day
revealing Your Amazing Grace †

By Lynn Rountree

Butterfly Kisses

(I wrote this poem when I was 17 years old.

I lived an  unpeacful life…this was my dream)




Butterfly kisses, Through a Fairy’s Breeze

The Air Sprites love, Through the the tops of the tree’s

FireFlies GLARE through Queen Winter’s stare..

OH how I wish, I could only be there!

The grouchy gnome, throws a smile to his wife

As the little elves play, with ALL their might

This is a dream..

A dream I once had…

Where no man is Angry…

And no man is Sad…

Where the world is FILLED with hopes of Peace

And all mankind, awakes while he sleeps!

The Desert…

Walking Through the desert

Trudging day by day

Water All around me

Sometimes in my way


I try …and I  Try… and I  TRY  to drink

But the Hole in my brain continues to

leak , Leak, LEAK!


God, MY GOD!!

I KNOW You are near!

But God , MY GOD!!!



For 1 year, 4 months and 21 days

I have tried and tried to change my ways


I keep trying my Lord,

To drink from Your Fountain..


But You keep tel-ling me, Lord

NO Lynn..

keep climbing  that  mountain!


In this present walk… I am Much-Afraid

“Hinds Feet on High Places”, are  being fashioned and made

I know, that I know, That I know…

That YOU are in control!

I know that You Love Me

And You are Making me to grow!


As I whine and Complain…

I am Thanking You too…

Cause the BEST Love of all

Is the One who PUSHES you through!


I Love You My Lord…:)

Matthew 5:4

(P.S When We mourn because we WANT to be like God, but aren’t …It’s better than a Hallelujah! )

huacachina - small desert oasis

Poem For a Widowed Brother

Couple Weeks Back, a VERY good friend and sister, passed away! She is hoopin and hollering with our Lord, but she left a dear one behind. I’m not very good with the spoken word, so I use poetry…Holy Spirit HELPS  a lot!

Her Name IS Sue

Her name IS Sue Patterson..Now she is with Christ

She’s leaping and jumping for joy, And Praising with all her might

While we are very happy, That she is finally home

There is a man on earth, That feels left and alone

I can hardly imagine, What it’s like to lose your human Love

For the one you call your better half, to be taken up above

All I know is that the LORD knows how you feel,

He once  Lost His Love on Cal-Va-Ry’s Hill

He will never leave you,nor forsake you,  He is ever at your Side

Filling that Hollow void, you now feel inside

Time does not heal all wounds, For that is a lie

But there will come a TIME when again your by her side!

I hope these word help comfort, The pain you feel inside

I’ll pray, I’ll stay and be by your side

Dear friend I dearly love you, you truly are my kin

But the one who loves you most….Is right there…within!

I love you brother!

Lynn Rountree

November 7th 2011

Poem For My Pastor

This is a Poem I wrote for my Pastor and his wifes 50th Wedding anniversary. They call me their granddaughter:)

BTW I haven’t written poetry in 15 years or more. God is helping me get back in it. There will be more to come:)

50th Time’s a Blessing

By: Lynn “granddaughter” Rountree

October 21st 2011

I’ll start out, tellin’ this here journey

Bout bustin ma’ gut and needin a gurney!

For when Gene said “Well, will ya?”

Connie’s answer? Hehehe It’ll kill ya!!

She said “I guess so”

Then he said

Just so ya know, I been called ter preach, But T’ain’t ready ter go!”

She rightly agreed to the man she loved

This here union was a gift from above

And… fer some years she was quiet as a mouse

Til’ one fine day…

She done left the house!!

She WAS GONE!! Kids N all!

The Pastor was scared!! Bout’ ready ta Bawl!!

Done thought it was the rapture…He’d been left behind!

He then said “God NOW I’m ready!”

God said “Good! By the way Gene, They’re fine!” *Grin*

Well, years go by & children are had

Churches get built, debt free, no guilt!

Through troubles and trials and all sorts of stuff

They clung to each other, even though it was tough

They give up THEIR “dreams”

To run toward the “prize”

With Faith in their hearts and

Love in their eyes!

Now the Lord has blessed US with these!

Two FINE people to roll up their sleeves

The love they have, for us, and one another

Reminds me of the One, who sticks closer than a brother!!

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